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QA/QC In Manufacturing Processes

The pressure from globalization has made manufacturing organizations move towards three major competitive areas: quality, cost, and responsiveness. Quality is a universal value and has become a global issue. In order to survive and be able to provide customers with good products, manufacturing organizations are required to ensure that their processes are continuously monitored and product quality is improved. They can achieve this by adopting a process approach that focuses on defection and prevention of errors before and during production.

The following and more will be captured in the course of the training:

Course Content:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality control
  • Quality control vs. Quality Assurance
  • Control of Operation
  • Maintenance and Sanitation
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Product Information and Consumer awareness
  • Documentation and record control in QA and so on.

In the end, participants undergo a test of understanding of which certificates will be issued on successful completion.

Who Should Attend?

  • Production managers and Technicians
  • Foodservice professionals with technical backgrounds
  • Checkers, Inspectors, and Auditors as well as QA/ QC managers
  • Maintenance and Production personnel
  • Public health professionals
  • Owners and managers of small and medium scale enterprises

The under-listed benefits can be derived from the course


  • Encourage quality consciousness
  • Reduction in production cost
  • Waste reduction leading to leaner production
  • Satisfaction of Consumers
  • Most effective utilization of resources
  • Quicker turn-around-times
  • Contributes to achieving business sustainability
Ultimately, you and your organization will imbibe a continuous improvement ideology where quality will become pervasive through your products, processes, procedures, and systems and thinking - and is practiced by all.

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