Course Details

Reliability and Validity of Microbiological Examinations (Including practical sessions in Accredited Lab)

This course provides in-depth knowledge of food microbiology and also the factory environment, with an emphasis on understanding the requirements for producing reliable and valid results in a microbiology laboratory.

Participants will get Training certificates that are recognized globally.

Course Content:
        Theoretical Sessions

  • Laboratory design
  • Environmental conditions requirements
  • Media types, preparation and quality control in the laboratory.
  • Microbiology test methods equipment calibration, performance verification and maintenance and so on.

In the end, participants undergo a test of understanding of which certificates will be issued on successful completion.


Practical’s Sessions (show participants relevant methods for generating valid and reliable test results.):

  • Quality control in the microbiology laboratory tests.
  • Use of a validated method.
  • Expression and reporting of test results.
  • Air sterility and contact surface checks.

Who Should Attend?

  • Food processing managers and technicians
  • Public health professionals
  • Foodservice professionals with technical backgrounds
  • Practicing microbiologists
  • Microbiology Laboratory analyst
  • Microbiology Laboratory Supervisors



Participants will gain information on how to established and effectively operate a microbiology laboratory, information on related areas of legislation, standards and specifications and also the importance of having an efficient microbiology laboratory.

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